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Your Practice Is Unique. Shouldn't Your Content Be Too?


From the very beginning emebaVet was determined that our customers should be the focal point of of our client education system. emebaVet reserves more than half of its programming for you and your practice. It truly is like having your own TV station, only emebaVet does all the programming! You tell us what you want and we do the rest. With your monthly subscription you are encouraged to change your content as often as you like. Did you hire a new doctor? Did your tech get a new certification? Did you invest in a new technology? All of these things are important for your clients to hear about and emebaVet informs them in a captivating and timely manner. All you have to do is email or phone our creative department and we take it from there.


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What Does It Cost?

Imagine if you could hire an employee whose only job was to sit in your waiting room and talk to every client that came in. They would be there all day, every day, telling your clients your story exactly as you want it told. No sick days. No lunch breaks. No going off script. If you could find that employee, what would it cost?

This is what the emebaVet system does. Every client that comes in has the opportunity to learn everything about your practice. Staff profiles, special services, products, community events you support, etc. All of this for about $5.00 a day. This is an unparalleled value in client education.